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As soon as you engage our team, we swing into action, on your behalf

1 . Determining Policy Coverage

The first and perhaps the most crucial step is the analysis of the policy provisions and conditions to determine the insured(s) rights and responsibilities, as well as the obligations(s) of the insurance company.

2.  Documentation of the Claim

The insured is required to prove the full extent of the loss and support the claim with appropriate documentation.  Our professional team will recreate an exact picture of your property prior to the loss, which may include architectural drawings, detailed cost estimates, and a variety of evaluations, projections and forecasts.  This is one of the key, and most important, functions performed by our firm for the insured(s) and the basis by which our clients recover the maximum settlement.

3.  Presentation of Claim

After the full extent of the loss has been determined and documented, the schedule of loss and damages is prepared, reviewed and presented to the insurance carrier for their review.

4.  Negotiation of Settlement

Our expertise in the documentation and presentation of the claim(s) give us the ability to negotiate from a well-defined position.

5.  Schedule a Consultation

Separate consultation services are available at Florida Claims Resources. Please Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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