Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly does a public adjuster do?

A public adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who is an advocate for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a first party insurance claim. Aside from attorneys and the broker of record, public adjusters licensed by state departments of insurance are the only type of claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an insured during a property insurance claim process. They appraise the damage, prepare an estimate and other claim documentation, read the policy of insurance to determine coverages, and negotiate with the insurance company's adjuster.

What is the difference between an insurance company adjuster and a public adjuster?

The insurance company adjuster or independent claim adjuster are both employed by the insurance company and can’t protect both your interest and the interest of his/her employer at the same time. The insurance company adjuster will often offer to settle a claim for the sum they see fit, which is not always in favor of the policyholder. A Public Adjuster is an insurance adjuster expert who works exclusively for you the policyholder. We are experts in reading the final print and understanding your policy, coverage and the insurance company responsibilities in order to negotiate a better settlement.

What is the cost for hiring a Public Adjuster?

The standard fee for public adjusting services is a small percentage of the amount recovered from the Insurance Company. These fees are regulated by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Is there any information I need prior to calling you to file a claim?

To start the claims process, we will need the following information:

Policyholder information: Name of insured, address, phone number, e-mail and policy number Description of loss: Time and date of loss, location of incident, detailed description of damages Authority notification: Please note all authorities notified (fire dept., police, etc.) Emergency Service Companies & Damage Mitigation: Please let us know if you have already contacted any emergency service companies or performed any sort of damage mitigation.

My claim was denied, am I entitled to a second opinion?

Yes! We have many clients that were told their claim was denied. If you have a valid claim, we simply re-open the loss, negotiate with your insurance company, and insist they pay you

Will I have to pay for your services if you are unable to collect money for me?

We work off a percentage of your recovery. Therefore, if there is no recovery, there is no fee. We only collect a fee if we are able to get you insurance company to write you a check for your damages.

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